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Modern art

Modern art signifies a radical departure from past traditions to embrace the spirit of experimentation, spanning from the 1860s to the 1970s. This era in art is marked by a bold shift towards abstraction and novel approaches to artistic creation.

The period of Modern art introduced a plethora of styles and movements, each reflecting the changing social, economic, and intellectual climates of the times. From Impressionism's light and color to Cubism's fragmented perspective, and Surrealism's dreamlike juxtapositions, Modern art was a playground of innovation.

These movements collectively challenged conventional aesthetics, with artists like Gustav Courbet leading the way towards realism and others towards the abstract expressions that dominated the 1960s. Today, Modern art is celebrated in museums around the globe, its diversity still resonating with collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

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Country: Europe, North America, South America
Start of the period: 1880
End of the period: 1970