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Contemporary realism

Contemporary realism is a global art movement that emerged around the 1950s and 1970s, known for its straightforward representational approach. Artists like Philip Pearlstein and Alex Katz have been pioneers in this movement, characterized by its focus on naturalistic yet highly objective styles of figurative artwork. The essence of contemporary realism lies in its dedication to portraying the real rather than the ideal, capturing life as it is with all its intricacies​​.

In Canada, particularly in the Maritimes, the realist movement found strong advocates at Mount Allison University. Esteemed artists such as Alex Colville have been key figures in this movement, influencing a generation of realists through their teaching and artwork. Contemporary realism extends beyond painting, with some artists beginning their journeys as abstract painters, only to shift towards more naturalistic and realistic portrayals later in their careers​​.

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Country:America, Europe, USA
Start of the period:1950