Antique bronze chandelier

Antique bronze chandelier

Awe inspiring!

Only a few things can light up a room and evoke a sense of splendor like a chandelier. For ages these magnificent creations, whether of crystal, glass or bronze, have served to enchant its beholders hanging gracefully on the great wall and rooms of the world.

With a myriad of chandeliers to explore, you can never wander off with an antique bronze chandelier whether in a simplistic or glamorous fashion.

Bronze chandelier a kneeling PuttoBronze chandelier a kneeling PuttoBronze chandelier a kneeling Putto
Lot 3324 Bronze chandelier a kneeling Putto
Price:  € 100
  € 100
around 1900, unsigned, patinated Bronze, green, minimal abstract representation of a knee in a fixed candle spout balancing, on a square metal plinth, small traces of age and use, H total boy with curly hair, after the bath, on his head about 15 cm.
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Light up your home With Confidence

Light up your home with the soft curves combined with a mixture of form and function. With a bronze chandelier, you can for example:

  • Brighten and lighten up your home décor;
  • Make a statement of class.

Bid from our large selection of vintage International bronze Chandeliers today, and smile all the way.