antique sculpture

Antique sculpture

Sculptures are very special kinds of decorative figures. They could seat on a desk, or be placed on the floor; they could also be installed outside a building or even hung on the wall. The decorative opportunities they present are limitless and full of bliss.

Many modern institutions have been decorated by some of these sculptures, and there is nothing wrong to say that antiquity by way of statue decoration is in vogue.

Basically, a sculpture is a figure and a molded statue that is used to beautify a place, or to send a message. If you are a wondering about the second purpose; it is clear, you could for example, use a book related sculpture to distinguish your library door or desk from other home stations or even place a handy sculpture close to the Television set to beautify it.

The New Statue of LibertyThe New Statue of LibertyThe New Statue of Liberty
Lot 68*The New Statue of Liberty
Price:  £ 8 000
  £ 8 000
5D : 10H : 59M left
Signed.Bronze, stone base, height 57 cm (with base).
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Funktionsskulptur T - FormFunktionsskulptur T - FormFunktionsskulptur T - Form
Lot 171Funktionsskulptur T - Form
Price:  € 7 000
  € 7 000
7D : 9H : 59M left
1980. Stainless steel, welded. 62 x 49.5 x 49.5 cm. Monogrammed and dated (carved) in a corner on the plinth: FG 80. The work is on the official website of the artist under the work directory.-No 0676 listed ( Provenance:- estate of Friedrich gräsel exhibitions: gallery Bru...
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Statuette of a basket carrierStatuette of a basket carrierStatuette of a basket carrier
Lot 216Statuette of a basket carrier
Price:  € 680
  € 680
10D : 10H : 59M left
from the series the streets of Berlin - and people joke types.Cast iron, blackened. On sheet a raised emblem Base of the Landmann stand with Kiepe in the hands of a basket or a jug. Model by Johann Carl Wilhelm scratch mountain. The underside signed "scratch mountain. Acad. Artists in Berlin. D...
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Glasskulptur Glasskulptur Glasskulptur
Lot 251Glasskulptur "Evennow" von Peter Shire
Price:  € 600
  € 600
10D : 10H : 59M left
from the "Palazzo Series"-ReiheIm "Memphis"style, rich structured object with a two-part shaft, inserted fully plastic bulb and narrow neck vase. Colorless and dark-blue glass, partly. polychrome powder melting and metal foil. Design Peter Shire, 1998. H. 46 cm.Added by: company-...
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Large female Aktskulptur by Ermanno NasonLarge female Aktskulptur by Ermanno NasonLarge female Aktskulptur by Ermanno Nason
Lot 259Large female Aktskulptur by Ermanno Nason
Price:  € 1 400
  € 1 400
10D : 10H : 59M left
Unique. Made of light blue transparent glass decorated with modern stylized sculpture of a standing female torso on a cylindrical pedestal base. The design and execution Ermanno Nason in the glassworks at Amelio Cenedese, Murano. H. 46,8 cm.Provenance: Private Collection Amelio Cenedese, Murano/Veni...
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Tibeto-Chinesische Buddha Statue SarvabuddhadakiniTibeto-Chinesische Buddha Statue SarvabuddhadakiniTibeto-Chinesische Buddha Statue Sarvabuddhadakini
Lot 2841Tibeto-Chinesische Buddha Statue Sarvabuddhadakini
Price:  € 280
  € 280
17D : 10H : 59M left
Bronze, fire gilt. Posture on a Lotus base depicted in Alidhasana, with a five-fold crown, a rich breast ornament, as well as a long skull chain. In the Background a large flame aureole. H. 16 cm. Provenance: Stamps-Collection Of Günther Köpping, Berlin.A bronze figure of sarvabuddha Dakini.Tibet. 1...
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Lot 2981Skulpturensockel
Price:  € 360
  € 360
17D : 10H : 59M left
Grey Grained Marble. A strong, bent shank circumferentially profiled deck plate. H. 90 cm. 39 cm x 42 cm.In Italy, the base for a sculpture.Italy. 1900.
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Antique Sculpture

Sculptures are best when they are antiques. With antique sculptures, you can get original statues, and vintage designs, which are offered by dealers. These sculptures and statues have been in existence for long and the ancientness gives it splendor.


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