antique bronze figures

Antique bronze figures

The sound of ‘bronze’ may only mean inferior to those who do not understand the value of true antique. Antique bronze figurines are VERY distinctive and they connect this present and modern world with the far and ancient past.

Most of these bronze figures signify deep cultural value and they also make complimentary decorations too.

You can explore our website to get for example:

  • Both dated and non-dated antique bronze art that carry appealing range of designs.

We also offer you products from more than one source, and if you are the type that doesn’t get satisfied easily, you have reached a good stock house.

Bronzefigur BeninBronzefigur Benin
Lot 681Bronzefigur Benin
Price:  € 180
  € 180
2D : 18H : 33M left
20. Century, at the foot of the old collector's label, in the lost Form cast figure of a warrior with a sword, is very similar to the historical sculptures of the Jeba, however, is significantly smaller, bronze-casting is practiced on the lower Niger for hundreds of years, this ability remained...
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Decorating Tips

These bronze figurines are most beautiful when they are placed in dark interiors and complimented with a portrait.