“Hidden friend in the red room” Wood Mixed media Modern 2020

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Location: Russia, Tomsk
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Alexandr Chizhov. "Hidden friend in the red room"
Secretive friend in the red room, is the personification of the "paranoia" of the artist, "feeling the presence of outsiders".
He hasn't seen him in his room, but felt his presence, and every time I looked at the corner of the wall, he expected that at any moment he can look out for her.
The work is done very minimalistic, with primitive outlines of unknown shapes, shadows. This is because the artist never saw that "friend", for him the unknown, the shadow. But he could feel it.

The secretive friend in the red room is the epitome of the artist's "paranoia", the "sense of the extraneous presence".
He didn't see it in his room, but he felt its presence, and every time he looked at a corner of the wall, he expected that at any moment he might look out from behind it.
The work is extremely minimalistic, with primitive outlines of an unknown figure, shadow. This is due to the fact that the artist has never seen this "friend", he is unknown to him, a shadow. But he felt it.

P. S the Series of paintings "In the red room(In red room)"
ID: 29589
Artist: Alexandr Chizhov (b. 2000)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2020
Applied technique: Mixed media
Medium: Wood
Size: 1 x 87 x 44 cm
Framing: Unframed
Art style: Modern
Historical era:
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