Painting “Revival Revival Reavivamento”, Canvas, Oil paint, Renaissance, Historical genre, Portugal, 2005

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Artur Kovalev
Artur Kovalev. Revival "Revival" Reavivamento
Archangel Michael connects heaven and earth the Palace "Sorrow" in Portugal.
The picture was awarded a medal and prize of the King don Ferdinand II, at the annual Arts festival in Sintra, Portugal in 2005.

The areas around the present castle of Pena in Sintra has long been loved by kings, they were often made the pilgrimage to the highest of these hills. In the middle ages, when Portugal gained independence from the Aragonese Kingdom, there appeared the chapel of the virgin Foam, then in its place is the monastery of Manueline style.

His story is tragic: first, the structure was considerably damaged by lightning, and a little later, during the earthquake in 1755 from the jerónimos monastery in ruins. They stood intact for more than a century, until in 1838 the ruling Royal family bought the land. King Ferdinand II decided to build their place of summer residence. In 1840, there was laid the Park, and then construction began.

What came out of it, can we see after almost two centuries. Towers and arches, minarets and domes of the Eastern and Moorish styles, Renaissance and Gothic, blotches of the same Manueline... And that's not all the styles are mixed and confused in this eclectic architectural tangle, which showed the world German architect Ludwig von Eschwege. The result was a sample of romantic architecture of the XIX century, with elements of pseudorelevance. Fascination with the exotic characteristic of the era of romanticism.

Of course, Ferdinand II and Maria II contributed to the project and their contribution, much has been done according to their wishes. The Royal family financed the project and monitor the construction works. The castle of Pena in Portugal was built 12 years. The Royal couple were born 12 children, and after the death of his wife (1853 d) Ferdinand married again in 1869 to actress Elise Hensler , which before the wedding granted the title of Countess d ' Edla.

Various works for the development and permanent improvement of buildings and grounds was carried out, without stopping for many years, until the death of Ferdinand in 1885.

The Countess d ' Edla, the Palace was inherited, but in 1889 became the property of the state: the heiress sold it, yielding to the urging of the new king of Portugal luís I.

After that, members of the Royal family were often here, and the castle Foam became the summer residence of the last Queen of Portugal, amélie d'orléans. Here she lived with her children and her husband king Carlos I.

And in 1908 king Carlos and eldest son of Amelie (the grandson of Ferdinand II) was lost from hands of terrorists in the heart of the Portuguese capital. Two years later, during the revolution, lost his throne and his younger son, king Manuel II. The Royal family left Portugal and her favourite residence, the castle of Pena in Sintra.
ID: 15644
Artist: Artur Kovalev (b. 1973)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2005
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 5 x 190 x 270 cm
Framing: Unframed
Art style: Renaissance
Стилистик эра:
Genre: Historical genre
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Country or place of origin: Portugal
Object type: Painting

Information about the artist

Художник Ковалёв Артур Викторович родился в1973 в городе Красный Сулин Ростовской области. Вскоре его семья переехала на Камчатку. В 1993 году успешно сдал вступительные экзамены в Российской академии живописи, ваяния и зодчества, основателем и ректором которой является народный художник России Илья Глазунов. Артур стал студентом кафедры реставрации и живописи. Академия считает своими высочайшими целями возрождение великих традиций отечественного и европейского изобразительного искусства, отстаивающих позиции высокого реализма.В 1999 году он успешно окончил академию с квалификацией «живописец-реставратор станковой темперной и масляной живописи». Как художник Артур много путешествует как по России, так и за рубежом. В течение 2001-2002 годов жил на Ямале, работал художником нефтяной компании. В эти же годы по предложению Евгения Атласова – бизнесмена, прямого потомка Владимира Атласова, присоединившего Камчатку к России, художник активно участвовал в создании документального фильма «Камчатский Ермак». В 2005 году фильм демонстрировался на канале «Культура». С 2003 по 2011 год художник жил в Португалии в г. Лиссабоне. Здесь он принимал участие в конкурсах, провёл более тридцати персональных выставок, выполнил работы для самых престижных учреждений страны. Его имя было включено в каталог лучших художников Португалии.