“Watch Boudoir XIX century ”

RUB 135 000
Location: Russia, Kazan
Watch "Boudoir", XIX century
Watch "Boudoir", XIX century

Material: porcelain, painting, size 28х20

Stamp: "H. Kreitz" - the Hubert Kreutz was born 26 March 1811 in France, in the area of Eifel (Eifel). Millionaire, chlopromazine and reseller, the owner of big time shopping centers in Saint - Petersburg and Antwerpen(Belgium). After a successful business development and presentation to the King, he even becomes the court supplier of His Majesty.
ID: 1408

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"Ретроспектива" галерея антиквариата и искусства
Bauman Street 44/8
420111 Kazan
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