“The picture of the Mold shop”

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Location: Russia, Moskow
The picture of the "Mold shop"
Twenty eight thousand eight hundred sixty one
The socialist realism. The author is Kotov P. I. 1930-ies.

Kotov, Pyotr Ivanovich (1899-1953) was a Soviet painter, honored artist of the RSFSR (1946), full member of the USSR Academy of arts (1949), laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1948).

Born into a family of icon painter. Studied at the Kazan art school N. And. Fechin (1903-1909), then at the Academy of fine Arts in the Studio of F. A. Roubaud, N. S. Samokish. Studied the paintings of the old masters in the Hermitage and the Russian Museum.

In 1916 work "Gathering for the hunt" and "Letter from home in the trenches" was the title of the artist and the right of a pensioner's travel abroad. From 1922 he lived in Moscow. He was a member of the Association of artists of revolutionary Russia (AHRR, 1923-1928). During the war in Penza was responsible for the release of "Window TASS". In 1948, he taught at the Higher state art workshops in Astrakhan (1937-1941), VGIK (1944-1948), MGHI them. V. I. Surikov (1949-1950). Since 1940 Professor.

In a number of works reflected the labor enthusiasm of the first five years, worked as a portrait painter. The artist was able to feel and to accurately convey the inner world of his characters, their character. His works are distinguished by deep psychological insight, sincerity, coloristic variety.

The artist's works are in the Tretyakov gallery (TG), the State Russian Museum (GRM), in many regional museums.

Socialist realism is one of the most important artistic trends in the art of XX century; special artistic method (type of thinking), based on the knowledge and understanding of life reality era, which was understood as dynamically changing in its "revolutionary development"

Age : 1930 - 1940
Country : USSR
Condition : excellent
Technique : Oil
Materials : Canvas

Length: 700 mm
Height: 900 mm
ID: 6251

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