Cutlery set for 6 people
Twenty six thousand five hundred seventy six
Silver 84*, "head to the right with the letter Delta", the mark "GK" and "Aripaev". 1908-1910.

The set includes 18 items: 6 forks, 6 spoons, and 6 knives with the mark on the blade "Aripaev" with the arms. The specified length of large knife.

Manufactura F. M. Vyrypaeva (S.-Peterburg), second half of XIX century.
F. M. Viripaev - a peasant's son (before the abolition of serfdom in 1861 was a serf of count Sheremetev), in 14 years Fyodor, on the rights of the eldest son took from the deceased in 1833, his father a small, mainly produces locks. Expanding the range of products and constant quality control allowed the young entrepreneur to get rid of their local buyers and to directly enter into contracts with large traders.
Constant striving to be the first covering all aspects of the life of this extraordinary man. He was supposed to be the best workers with the highest salary; the Cathedral, near which he lived, and was it the Church warden, should be the most beautiful, and so throughout.
The products of his factory were often displayed at exhibitions. Among the awards it should be noted medal with the inscription "For useful" by Stanislav ribbon, a small silver medal from the Imperial free companies for the production of surgical instruments, obtained at the London exhibition honorable mention and an invitation to be a member of the British national Academy, medal with the inscription "For useful" to wear in his buttonhole on the Ann's Protestant tape over the already well known surgical instruments presented to Emperor Alexander II in the Nizhny Novgorod exhibition.
After the abolition of serfdom and the establishment in 1864 of the Zemstvo, Vyrypaev was elected as a volost foreman, and the Cathedral prefect he remained until his death on 3 December 1900. Spending large amounts of money during his life to charitable deeds, he after death by will left 10000 rubles as inviolable contribution, the interest from which was intended to help the poorest parishioners Paul's Cathedral, the elder of which he was.
(according to the website "the treasure hunter")

Brand : Factory of gold and silver jewelry Gustav Klingert
Age : 1908 - 1910
Country : Russian Empire
Condition : good
Weight : 2234 gr.
Technique : Casting
Style : Modern
Materials : Silver

Length: 280 mm
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