The painting "Moscow yard" Germashev (Bubelo) Michael Markianovich, 1900-1910

The painting "Moscow yard" Germashev (Bubelo) Michael Markianovich, 1900-1910
Country, year: the Russian Empire, 1900-1910 G.
Author: Germashev (Bubelo) Markianovich Mikhail (1867-1930)
Material: oil on canvas
Sizes, cm: 60х49

Painter, master of landscape art, Illustrator of children's books. Was born in 1867 in Kharkiv, into a noble family. He studied at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture (1892-1899) at A. E. Arkhipov, N. A. Kasatkin, I. I. Levitan, K. A. Savitsky and others. In 1897, for the painting "Snow fell", later bought by P. M. Tretyakov, received the award "for the genre" of the Moscow society of lovers of the arts to them. N. S. Mazurina.
He lived in Moscow. He painted landscapes, still lifes, works on genre subjects. Worked in the techniques of watercolor and pastels. In his work continued "travelling art tradition." The favorite themes of the paintings Germasheva was winter and spring landscapes of Central Russia ("Gray day," 1894; "Unfrozen river", 1898; "In March," 1905; "the spring", 1912).
Since 1892 - participant of exhibitions (student's, MUZHVZ). A member and Exhibitor of the Moscow Association of artists (1893-1910, with interruptions), the Moscow society of lovers of fine arts (1896-1908, with interruptions), the art circle "Environment (1911). He exposed his works at the Spring exhibitions in the halls of the Imperial Academy of arts (1898-1900), TPHV (1901 to 1914, with breaks). In 1911 he travelled to France in 1915 he visited France and Belgium. After the October revolution participated in the VI art exhibition of paintings of Northern artists in Vologda, Exhibition of paintings, sculptures and art industry in Ryazan (both — 1918), VIII State exhibition in Moscow (1919).
In the early 1920's he emigrated, settled in Paris. Wrote Russian landscapes under the contract with the art dealer Leon Gerard. Was engaged in book illustration. He exposed his works at exhibitions in the gallery "Gerard", the salon of the National society of fine arts and the Federation of French artists (1927).
The artist's works are in many Museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov gallery, the Irkutsk regional art Museum im. V. P. Sukachev and others.
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There is an expert report of the Scientific research independent examination of the name of Pavel Tretyakov (Tretyakov gallery).
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