“The painting Pushkin on horseback”

RUB 200 000
Location: Russia, Moscow
The painting "Pushkin on horseback"
Author: A. S. Papikyan
Material: hardboard/oil
Size: 75х95 cm baguette without baguette 56х76 see

Papikyan albert S. (1927-1997) was born in 1926 in the village of Nalband Spitak region of Armenia. He studied at the Moscow secondary art school (1940) and at the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin, who graduated with honors in 1949 in the Studio of Professor B. V. Johanson. Diploma work - painting "Stakhanovite of Sevanstroy". In 1949 accepted as a member of the Union of artists of the USSR. 1949 participates in art exhibitions: all-Union, Republican, youth, Russian and foreign. In 1952, the participant of group exhibition in Leningrad, where they were shown the works of A. S. Papikyan, N. L. Babayka and ys Podlaski. Worked mostly in painting.

The author of genre and thematic paintings, landscapes and still lifes, including "M. I. Kalinin on the construction of Rostselmash" (1949), portraits of I. Antropov and F. Bogorodsky (1954), "Bloody morning" (1958), portrait of E. Garin (1959), "Strike" (1960), "Baku Commissars" (1961), "Mountains of Armenia" and "the Stubble" (1962), "In the mountains. Sheep shearing" (1964), "the Wheat" and a portrait of the tractor Sako (1965). The works of A. S. Papikyan exhibited in the State Tretyakov gallery, State Russian Museum, the Museum of the Leningrad Academy of arts, the Museum named after M. I. Kalinin in Moscow, the naval Museum in St. Petersburg, in art galleries Tver, Smolensk and other Russian cities.
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