Picture. Radchik I. D. Mid-twentieth century.

Picture. Radchik I. D. Mid-twentieth century.
Artist - Rudchik Ivan Demyanovich. Oil on canvas. Dimensions: unframed - 156х103 cm; with frame - 175х124 see Brest, the mid-twentieth century.

Painter. A member of the artists Union of the BSSR.
Born 7 (20) January 1908 in the village of Dobrotici Belopolskogo County, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland. Died 21 Mar 2000 in Brest.

He studied at the Krakow school of fine arts (1931-1933) A. Terletskiy. Participant of exhibitions since 1945 a member of the Union of artists of BSSR since 1949, was Executive Secretary of the Brest branch. Lived in Brest.
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