Korolev V. I. “March”. Minsk, 1984

Korolev V. I. “March”. Minsk, 1984
Artist - Korolev Viktor iliodorovich (1953.R.). Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: 30x40 cm Minsk, 1984. Korolev Victor Iliodorovich
Was born in d. Potosia Kostroma region 6 may 1953
In 1978 he graduated from the Minsk art College named. A. K. Glebov. Teachers: Ignatenko, Etc., Immigrants, Y. F., Sal'kov A. T.
Since 1980 – participant of Republican and all-Union exhibitions.
In 1990 joined the Union of artists of the USSR.
Works in genres of landscape, portraiture, still life.
Works are in museums of Belarus, Russia, Ministry of culture of Belarus and in private collections around the world.
AddressРаритетЪKomsomolskaja, 8220029 MinskByelorussia
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