“Kukharev V. I. Lenin 1971”

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
Kukharev V. I. "Lenin", 1971
Artist Kukharev Vladimir Ivanovich (1916 - 2000). Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: with frame - 39х32 see the BSSR, 1971

Kukharev Vladimir Ivanovich (18.11.1916, D. Sidetone Vitebsk district Vitebsk region – 11.07.2000, Vitebsk) is a Belarusian painter. He graduated from the Vitebsk art school (1938). Member of the Belarusian Union of artists (1953). Lived in Vitebsk.
Worked in various genres of easel painting, often a portrait and a thematic picture. The pieces have a symbolic significance of images, graphics and decorative pictorial language.

Among his works: "In the dungeons of the Gestapo"(1945), "K. Zaslonov" (1946), "Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya" (1952), "Farewell of Slav" (1955), "the Meany old Man" (1957), "Heroes of the 1st Belarusian" (1958), "the Artist G. Markina" (1965), "Vera Khoruzhaya" (1974), "the Khatyn. Mother" (1978), "Veteran" (1979), "national artist F. Shmakov" (1981), "Daniel Ricew" (1985), "Marc Chagall" (1987), "Francis Skorina" (1989), "the Annunciation" (1989), "Vitebsk beauty-89" (1989), "Princess Olga" (1991), "Evening bells" (1991), "Prayer" (1992), "Euphrosyne of Polotsk" (1993), "Vladimir Virgin" (1993), "Vitebsk" (1993).
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