Lilia Kovalenko. Murals, Angels

Location:Ukraine, Kiev
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Lilia Kovalenko. Murals, Angels
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About the artist
Graduated from the secondary art school of Tomsk in Moscow, entered the Surikov Institute in Moscow, studied in the portrait workshop with I. Glazunov. Then when the USSR collapsed I left to Canada, Ottawa and worked with art galleries, later worked for many years in the Kievo Pechersk Lavra in the icon-painting workshop. In this the moment I am engaged in painting the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, I received a master of painting at the academy.
  • 0.0. Lilia Kovalenko, Galerie Francis Alexandre Gallery, 90Beechwood, Vanier, Ont. Canada
  • 0.0. Lilia Kovalenko, Supreme Court of Canada, 301 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ont. Canada