“Do not tire the eyes on the candle” Impressionist Still life 2018

$ 1 000
Location: Ukraine, Житомир
Lyudmyla Cameron. Do not tire the eyes on the candle
The feature of this painting that it was created by the author in a good mood, in the dark, the light source was the flame of four candles, one of them shown in the picture.

Feature of this picture is that it was created by the author in a perfect mood in the darkness with only light source - the fire of four candles, one of them is depicted in the picture.
ID: 11290
Artist: Lyudmyla Cameron (b. 1973)
Year of manufacture: 2018
Size: 50 x 60 cm
Style: Impressionist
Genre: Still life

Information about the artist

Людмила Камерон -поэт и художник. Родилась в 1973 году в Украине. Людмила экономист по образованию. Живописи училась у Виктора Николаевича Шкуринского в 90х годах прошлого века. Людмила принимала участие в региональных и национальных выставках, так же она имеет две персональные выставки. Ее работы представлены в частных коллекциях в Украине и за ее пределами.

Lyudmyla Cameron is a poet and an artist. She was born in 1973 in Zhytomyr, USSR (Ukraine). Lyudmyla is graduated as economy. She was taught the painting of Viktor Shkurinsky in 90th of XX. Lyudmyla Cameron has been a participant of regional and national art exhibitions, she also has had personals exibitions. Her art works are represented in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.