“Spring Stars” Modern Landscape painting 2018

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Location: Georgia, Tbilisi
Maka Kvartskhava. Spring Stars
Original signed painting Spring Stars inspirited by spring blossoms arround.
oil on canvas painting
ID: 12175
Artist: Maka Kvartskhava (b. 1981)
Year of manufacture: 2018
Size: 2 x 50 x 60 cm
Art style: Modern
Стилистик эра:
Genre: Landscape painting

Information about the artist

Biography - Maka Kvartskhava was born in 1981, Tbilisi - capital of Georgia.

Before starting Painting She was writing short stories, assays, which she used to call "footprints of my inner life and my dreams".

Then came time when her inspirations took her at the edge of Art and her inner opportunity knocked from inside, so she decided to build a door and to take her first steps in colorful world of Art.

So Artist's assays and stories became expressed in drawings and paintings and still she calls her paintings a kind of short stories about her and emotions that surrounds and that are inspired inner and outer world of life.

Artist with the inevitable influences of the creative movements that she develops with her own style.

Graduated from the State University of International law and relations and after few years of working in this field she realized, - Her home is where her heART is.

Her works are sold in independent galleries and privately, while developing the style and technique that she has today.
Works mostly in oil;

Artist's statement
For Maka Stillwhite Art is inner and outer therapy, which helps her to look through our being and by the help of God it's a tool to search inside and discover the source of complete freedom, peace and hope.

It s very appreciated that her artworks may become the source of inspiration and positive emotions for other people, though her main massage lies beyond this and is directed to each person's inner treasure - Soul, as the main victory expects us in the point where besides weakness or healthiness of our body, heart is filled with love, mind filled up with hope and spirit with peace.