Design Painting “Synergy”, Canvas on the subframe, Acrylic paint, Modern, Genre Nude, 2019

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Condition: new
Location: Russia, MOSKVA
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NADEZHDA Dusha. Synergy
The picture was painted by me at the moment when I found out that I have cancer. At that moment, my husband's support was invaluable. This work symbolizes a connection that is understandable only to two loving people, this connection is known to everyone who knows what love is, so their faces are smeared. When you look at the picture, you can see two energies that turn into one whole and their connection becomes even stronger. This is one soul, one life, this is synergy.
ID: 31498
Artist: NADEZHDA Dusha (b. 1997)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Acrylic paint, Lacquer, Mixed technique, Oil paint
Medium: Canvas on the subframe
Size: 80 x 2 x 60 cm
Framing: Without framing
Style: Modern
Genre: Genre Nude
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Delivery method: Postal service, Courier service, pickup by yourself
Purchase returns: No return
Object type: Design Painting (Fine art, Pictorial art, Paintings)
Theme: Abstract, Love, People

Information about the artist

Меня зовут Душа Надежда, я из России, пишу маслом на хосте, все произведения идут от Души и все в единственном экземпляре. Я передаю через картины эмоции: любовь, страсть и восхищение. Эмпатия необходима в нашей жизни. Искусство может изменить наш настрой, а значит и нашу жизнь!