Oksana Parfentyeva. Garden led lamp in the SUMMER MOOD

Oksana Parfentyeva. Garden led lamp in the SUMMER MOOD
Glass flowers and leaves made by hand in a classic glass-blowing techniques and are mounted on forged brass frame.

This lamp looks very impressive in any corner of the garden - plantings of coniferous or bright flower beds. It feels great on the street in summer and winter. The decorative finish of copper parts we used only the patina, so over the years it will not lose its noble appearance. Year-round bright flowers will create a feeling of summer.

Safe power supply 12 Volt, four standard led light bulb 2 Watts, can be connected to the battery charging from solar panels. You can mount in the ground, on the floor of the veranda, to cover the track and on any surface. For your convenience, replacement bulbs dome lights turned off.

Such lamps we made on order. This is mounted in our garden next to the Studio and you can always come and live see the details and nuances... it is Possible to manufacture lamps in this style of different level of complexity, size and filling parts... the Price depends on the size and number of parts.At your request, we can manufacture the lamp in any color, and also to prepare the mounting base for use in the interior.
About the artist
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