Oleg Mingalov. Once again the Galatea

Location:Ukraine, Poltava
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Oleg Mingalov. Once again the Galatea
The appeal to the myth of Galatea, when ancient sculptures were created and animated a statue, then fell in love with her. In this case, the painter, the wizard creates a mash of colors of living flesh. Painting in the process of birth of new beauty.
About the artist
Oleg Mingalev, artist
The artist, poet, playwright, theorist and designer of the postmodern trends in art: Narrativism (1977), Social Art (1979) Dualism (1982), Mystery Arts (1985), Neofuturism (1986) Video Poetry (1986), Ethno -modern (1997). Graduated from Kharkiv State Art School (1978) and Moscow Maxim Gorky Literary Institute (1985).
He lived and worked in UK, France, Holland, Italy. He has lectured at universities in London and Milan. And prepared art radio programs on topics for Russian service, BUSCH HOUSE (BBC), sold his works at auctions Phillips and Christies. Organizer and participant of international and national exhibitions. Name of the artist included in the Encyclopaedia Britannica art WHO'S WHO IN ART and Italian ANNUARIO. Author mystery-drama "Two Face" (1979), "Nebuchadnezzar" (1979), "Metro. Mysteries "(1980)," Munch "(2010)," Romeo and Juliet 2 "(2010)," Indigo "(2011), author of" Mysteries. Key to immortality "and “Manifesto on Dualism” (1982), and “Manifesto of Narrativism” (2014).
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