Box "Alexander I"
End of XVIII - beginning of XIX century.

Small mother of pearl box, in the frame of silver-gilt, upper cover - Serebryanaya insert with a picturesque portrait of Alexander I in a frame of sparkling rhinestones.

Alexander I (the Blessed), Alexander Pavlovich (12 (23) Dec 1777, St Petersburg — November 19 (December 1), 1825, Taganrog) — Emperor of Russia from 11 (24) March 1801 to November 19 (December 1) 1825, the eldest son of Emperor Paul I and Maria Feodorovna.
At the beginning of the Board held a moderate liberal reforms, developed by the Unofficial Committee and M. M. Speransky. In foreign policy maneuvered between Britain and France. In 1805-07 participated in anti-French coalitions. In 1807-12 temporarily became friendly with France. Waged a successful war with Turkey (1806-12) and Sweden (1808-09). Under Alexander I of Russia annexed Eastern Georgia (1801), Finland (1809), Bessarabia (1812), Azerbaijan (1813), the former Duchy of Warsaw (1815). After the Patriotic war of 1812, he headed in 1813-14 anti-French coalition of European powers. Was one of the leaders of the Congress of Vienna 1814-15 and organizers of the Holy Alliance.
In his last years often spoke of his intention to abdicate and "to leave from the world", which after his unexpected death from typhoid fever in Taganrog gave rise to the legend of "elder Fyodor Kuzmich". According to this legend, in Taganrog died and was then buried not Alexander, and his double, while the king still lived long as an old man-a hermit in Siberia and died in Tomsk in 1864.

Age : 1780 - 1820
Country : Russian Empire
Condition : excellent
Technique : Painting
Gold plated
Materials : Mother Of Pearl

Length: 48 mm
Width: 48 mm
Height: 30 mm
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