The triptych , Russia 2 floors.XX century.

The triptych , Russia 2 floors.XX century.
Tricuspid skladen wooden arch, Russia 2 floors.XX century.
Material: wood, painting. Size unfolded: 50x77 cm Tricuspid triptychs (a triptych) was especially prevalent in Russia.

In the Central part of the triptych depicts "the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ" on the leaf on the left, "SV.The Martyr Valentine" on the leaf on the right "St. Martyr Alexander Of Thessalonica". "The crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ" depicts one of the main events of the passion of Christ - crucifixion of Jesus Christ ended the earthly life of the Savior and prior to His burial, and Resurrection, a symbol of the victory of eternal life over death. Holy Martyr Valentine (Alevtina) of Caesarea – the patroness of women. Turning to her for help in cases the world, prosperity in the family. The Holy Martyr Alexander of Thessalonica suffered for his faith in Christ at the beginning of the IV century during the reign of the Emperor Maximian. He pray for protection and patronage in business.
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