“Notre Dame Cathedral/Notre-Dame de Paris/Notre-Dame de Paris XX century.”

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"Notre Dame Cathedral"/Notre-Dame de Paris/Notre-Dame de Paris", XX century.
Signature of the author. Oil on cardboard. Dimensions: 21x21 cm with frame and passe-partout; the diameter of the picture - 13 see Europe, XX century.

Notre Dame, the Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame, Notre Dame de Paris or Notre Dame de Paris (FR. Notre-Dame de Paris) is a Catholic Church in Central Paris, one of the symbols of the French capital.

Located in the Eastern part of île de La Cité in the fourth arrondissement, in place of the first Christian Church in Paris — St. Stephen's Basilica, built, in turn, on the site of a Gallo-Roman temple of Jupiter. Built 1163 1345 at.

the architecture of the Cathedral shows the duality of stylistic influences: on the one hand, there are echoes of the Romanesque style of Normandy with his powerful and dense unity, and on the other, — used innovative architectural achievements of Gothic style, giving the building a lightness and give the impression of simplicity, vertical design.
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