Antique Persian rug

Antique Persian rug handmade TABRIZ MIHRAB. The "mihrab" is a niche in the form of Aki in churches and mosques. This pattern most often decorates the carpets nemeslaki, simulating for the person committing the prayer house, the interior of the mosque. However, the "mihrab" can occur in the patterns of traditional carpets. Arches adorn not only mosques, but also palaces, houses and galleries. They are luxurious vases of flowers, bouquets and flower pots. This is what is portrayed in the wizard on their carpets with a pattern of "mihrab". These carpets are usually one-sided, stele them in the area where the incoming will be able to enjoy the full beauty of carpets, for example in the hallway, at the entrance to the house. The field of these carpets are decorated with splendid bouquets, exotic birds and butterflies.
SKU: 245.Size: 168 x 122 cm
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