Victor Bregeda. History

Location:Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Victor Bregeda. History
History is not a science. The past exists only in the subjective descriptions of the various sages - writers. They, in turn, base their knowledge on rethinking foreign sources of information and show their attitude.
History is a collection of assumptions, comparable to soap bubbles, each of which may burst and behind him there was another...
Appliances: Smooth writing, multi-layered painting. All the paintings are written in a single copy and never again.
About the artist
Родился в 1963 году в городе Таганроге. Технике гладкого письма учился у французского мастера. Профессионально работаю с 1989 года. С 2002 есть постоянно действующая экспозиция в галерее на острове Мауи (Гавайи), США.
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