Victor Bregeda. Dream druid

Location:Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Victor Bregeda. Dream druid
Forest sages, the druids lived in the Celtic forests hundreds of years ago, and may their souls and now have not left your green ownership. They were able to predict the future and to see at a distance, understood the language of the trees and drew from them the strength, felt the connection of man with nature and to understand the tragedy of the gap between them. Dream about that druid? That new life will always find a way, but people losing their roots, becoming ever close to the abyss.
About the artist
Родился в 1963 году в городе Таганроге. Технике гладкого письма учился у французского мастера. Профессионально работаю с 1989 года. С 2002 есть постоянно действующая экспозиция в галерее на острове Мауи (Гавайи), США.
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