Victor Bregeda. Pie in the sky

Location:Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Victor Bregeda. Pie in the sky
The picture of the "pie in the sky" symbolizes our childhood dream.
As children, we imagine our toys are real and big. And of course do not dream about the bird and the crane. And, growing up, strive to bring our dream to life! Sunny picture filled with joy, hope, dreams, space.
And of course we are all under the protection of our great Creator. He observes, helps, guides and protects from all walks of life.
Appliances: Smooth writing, multi-layered painting. All the paintings are written in a single copy and never again.
About the artist
Родился в 1963 году в городе Таганроге. Технике гладкого письма учился у французского мастера. Профессионально работаю с 1989 года. С 2002 есть постоянно действующая экспозиция в галерее на острове Мауи (Гавайи), США.
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