Lot 32. KPM. Eight characters from the "wedding procession"

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Lot 32KPM. Eight characters from the "wedding procession"
1906-1919, even without a definite year sign. Models A. Amberg.

Porcelain, coloured and decorated with gold. Japanese with fish, Arab with bagpipes, African woman with Monkey, Indian with Turkey, Gote
with the wind game, African with a horn, bride and groom from the wedding procession of Adolf
Amberg. Height 31.5 - 41.5 cm.
Sceptre mark, red Orb and the bride with war brand 1918-19, Japanese/Arabs/bride/groom with a blue Orb. Year letters for 1908/1906/ four times with the jubilee brand to 150. Anniversary in 1913, the papers. Ritz marks, shape numbers and painter's signets. Condition A, A/B and C twice.
Private Collection Hesse, Germany.

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-Hoffmann, Tobias/Kanowski, Claudia (surrender): fancy decor. KPM porcelain between art Nouveau and Art Deco. The Era Schmuz-Baudiß, Cologne 2013, cf. p. 139f.
-by Treskow, Irene: The art Nouveau style porcelain, KPM Berlin, Munich, 1971, cf. p. 109f.
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In 1904, crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia with the young Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin became engaged. The wedding in the following year was a social event, which was celebrated with elaborate ceremonies and a major procession through Berlin. As a gift, gave the cities to the design for a silver centrepiece in the Form of a Wedding procession in order. As the theme of the ensemble you thought of the homage of the bride and groom by emissaries of various peoples.
The design of the sculptor Adolf Amberg moved away from the old Empire maintained historicism and aspired to the innovations of the art Nouveau. In times where issues of "morality" were on the political agenda, were not the exotic, scantily-clad figures Ambergs however, what you wanted to see on the Banquet table at court. The design of the Empress was rejected, Auguste Victoria, and finally in 1908 by the Imperial porcelain manufactory, Berlin, were acquired.
In 1910, the KPM presented individual figures from this Ensemble at the world exhibition in Brussels, for the Amberg there with a gold medal was awarded. At the big Berlin art exhibition of 1911, the centrepiece was presented for the first time in its entirety, and was at the rave reviews as the clear highlight of the Show. There is talk of "an overall composition of Royal elegance was of a "Renaissance of the Berlin porcelain"".

The full wedding procession consists of 20 characters, a Gardiniere, two shallow fruit bowls and two six-flame girandoles. To achieve the full narrative and compositional effect, is a specific breakdown of the figures is required. The entourage of the groom, who is dressed as a Roman warrior, and the bride-to-be to move on each other. The bride, depicted as Europa on the bull, a female, the groom is a male entourage. These pay homage to the Couple with gifts of nature, the craft and the art, and differ from the two protagonists, have a statuesque calm, through your dance, dynamic poses. The step motifs of the individual figures are concisely worked out. The overall impression is reminiscent of a staged choreography.
In fact, Ambergs plays design with the style of principles of the 1900's modern dance art. In the new, "Symphonic dance" played, the Progress, Go and Apply a Central role. The elegance of the movement is paired with soft forms. The softly modeled contours and wide buttons glide smoothly into each other and support the dance character of each figure. Amberg gives the eye a rhythm that can be found in the individual figures, as well as in their relation to each other again

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