Lot 954. Braungart, R.

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Lot 954Braungart, R.
Braungart, R. Julius Diez. Munich, Bischoff, 1920. 4°. With a total of 45 panels (2 original etchings, 15 engravings, and 28 art signed sheets to print) and numerous Textabb. 101, III, p. the original parchment with a gold embossed Fillets & medium piece & illustration. Intentions. (Slightly dusty, a little fl.).

One of XXX Ex. the special edition, with 2 signed original etchings & printing-signed multiplies, but without d. special portfolio with 6 signed original etchings by the artist. - The signed, Hand-bound, comes from K(arl) Ebert, of Munich.

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