Lot 953. Diderot, D.

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Lot 953 | Diderot, D.
Diderot, D. Les Bijoux Indiscretes. 2 Volumes, Paris, Editions La Tradition, 1936. Gr.8°. With 32 Original ankoloriert wheel. v. Berthomme Saint-André u. an Extra Suite of the same with Remarken. 227 P.; 206 P., 2 Bl. Half-maroquin mostly pure volumes with gold spine title (sign. Jean Duval). (Vdeckel the Obroschiert ID.).

Monod 3770. - Of a v. 34, num. Ex. the special edition with Extra Suite in Black (GA 515). - A location in the second volume loose, otherwise well preserved. Ex-libris.

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