Lot 222. Louis XVI-Prunkpendule

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Lot 222 | Louis XVI-Prunkpendule
Louis XVI pendulum clock: On dial Roque à Paris, Paris referred to, in 1780
Height 36 cm
Exceptional, fire-bronze pendule gold plated on Natura've ever developed Base. In addition to the vase-shaped watch case with Maskarons a sitting Putto. White Marble Base. White enamel dial with Roman numerals and Arabic minute Markings. Parisian work of Ref. In 1605, with an 8-day running duration, half hour strike on bell and thread suspension of the pendulum. Restored. Erg.
Provenance: From a significant Hessian collection. Comparison G. H. Baillie, Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World, Volume I, p. 274. Jean Léonard Roque was a Parisian watchmaker, who had by the 1750s (maître-horloger well-1770) until a few years before the French Revolution, his main phase. Famous Roque was mainly due to his mechanical skill, he was with the production of particularly high-quality watch movements. His training he received, first in the very technically-oriented master Alexis Magny (1712 - 1793); he then worked for the famous watchmaker Claude-Siméon Passemant (1702-1769), together with a Louis Dauthiau, and the brothers Caffieri, the unique astronomical clock made for Louis XV created, which is now in the Musée du Château de Versailles. By Passemant already in the Royal court as a watchmaker established, operating Roque his workshop first, directly in the Louvre, and from 1772 then in the Passage de Saumon in Paris's second Arrondissement, today's Passage Ben Aiad. Jean Léonard Roque produced timepieces for king Louis XV for his daughters, for king Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, as well as for the influence of French princes and Dukes. His esteem as a master watchmaker was also demonstrated by the collaborations with the relevant Bronzierern of his time, such as Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain and Jean-Louis Prieur, the fine steel watch case and equipped with his works. Of his considerable Oeuvre, the pieces in the Museum are to be found currently du Louvre, in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg or in the Royal Collections of the Swedish Royal house.

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