PORSCHE 930 TURBO 3.0 #1976

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Lot 18 | PORSCHE 930 TURBO 3.0 #1976
PORSCHE 930 TURBO 3.0 #1976

It is at the Auto Show of Paris, in 1973, Porsche introduced the prototype of what would become the "Posche Turbo".
Initially, the idea was to renew the nice shot made with the legendary 2.7 Carerra RS: to present a car for the registration and that would be so much of a success as the limited series is succèderaient until it outgrows the demand.
This is exactly what Porsche has done with this Turbo 3.0, fairly rough, which was launched at the Paris salon in 1974. At its output there has been talk of a series of 500 cars. But the success has been such that it has become a model of the range as a whole. And if one puts in the context of the time, its wide wheels, its tires low waist, its flared fenders and rear spoiler giant were it a genuine UFO, which renoyait in the closet antiques the Simca, 404 and other DS, who were then occupying our roads and car parks.
Technically, the six flat cylinders of 3.0 liters (code 930/50) derives from the 2.7 to the 911 in the air. Realese, but still retaining a race unchanged, it takes advantage of the achievements of the Carrera RS 3.0 so highly valued in the race. The turbocharger is single signed KKK and breath to 0.8 bar, allowing the block to reach the power - unbelievable for the time - to 260-hp. With tires that were starting then just leave their carcasses diagonals, the conduct of these cars "race" required the know-how and a sense of anticipation. In effect, devoid of the wastegate, the turbo will continue to blow well after the rising of the right foot, inducing often, during braking, a blocking of the front while the rear continues to push. It's part of the charm of this car that, even today, is laden with an aura of "car for genuine driver". But too often it is forgotten that the value of high torque is particularly well-suited to a smooth ride. Already, at the time, she knew how to show gentle and docile. It's just a matter of respect and extracts a pleasure to use.
This copy has never been in an accident, which is a notable feature for this model. Featuring an all-leather, it was delivered new in Italy in July 1976, and has enjoyed, since then, regular care and attention. Its maintenance book original is available, as are the invoices of items revised or replaced in its acquisition.
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