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In the Pantheon of Porsche's most cherished and the most popular, the Speedster - 356, 911, 964 and 997 are just below the models race to the top. Among the Speedster, the 964 were the least products and become, today, the most sought-after.
The reason for this? It holds to their philosophy, this quest for lightness and performance décapotée, very far removed from what that offers a cut. The hood, which here is only an "accessory in case of rain", is neither lined, nor truly waterproof. This is part of a charm which, according to the tastes, is flipped over, or convertible.
In this definition Speedster, the Porsche 964 was produced as at 1 050 copies. A lack of enthusiasm that surprised
Porsche in view of the success won by the Speedster before. And among these 1 050 vehicles, only 20, at a global level, have been, according to our source, equipped with gearbox Tiptronic! To be clear, we are here in the presence of one of the Porsche series of the most rare of the 90s.
It is the 45th of the 469 best products for the United States, where he has lived between California and Arizona, so at sec. mileage announced, 20 000 km, is attested by the history of the vehicle and by its Carfax where is an incident that occurred during the first year of an existence that seems to have been chaotic. In fact, this Speedster has experienced five successive owners, obviously very careful, before crossing the Atlantic to arrive in France. There, to its present possessor has a duty to offer him a life that is more healthy and more calm, providing all the care possible. The engine has been entirely redone, as the paint and wheels, restored with care and equipped with tyres Pirelli new.
Today, the vehicle is being driven sparingly, always a convertible for the pleasure of short walks, and always to the sec The prices achieved by the Porsche 964 Speedster in the recent sales are above 200 000 €. Given its history, with a little "loaded", the latter should be far below, constitutes an interesting opportunity for investment and enjoyment.

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