Baroque - photo 1


Baroque is a majestic style in European art and architecture, born in the XVI-XVII centuries, which replaced the Renaissance and is permeated by the complexity of forms, richness of details, symbols and allegories. The main subjects of Baroque painting are related to mythology and religion, often represented in lush compositions on the ceilings of buildings, filled with images of biblical and mythical characters.

Baroque art reflects the unity of life through the sensual joy of existence and tragic conflicts, emphasizing emotional expression and dynamism. Despite the initial negative connotation of the term associated with a departure from classical canons, the Baroque eventually acquired the status of one of the most lush and emotionally intense movements in the history of art.

Baroque spanned the period between the Renaissance and Classicism, and its later phase is known as Rococo. The style has had a profound influence on subsequent generations of artists and continues to attract the attention of collectors and experts. To keep up to date with new Baroque-related sales and auction events, subscribe to our updates.

Country:Italy, Russian Empire, Western Europe
Start of the period:XVII century
End of the period:XVIII century