antique cigarette cases

Antique cigarette cases

Cigarette cases are a functional, elegant and luxurious item. They provide a great way to protect grand cigarettes in style.

You can show the world how much your cigarette cost you and how special it is by encapsulating it inside a vintage antique cigarette case.

What do you think about stepping up your creativity and style a little bit?

Silver cigarette case with eroticSilver cigarette case with erotic
Lot 2347Silver cigarette case with erotic
Price:  € 240
  € 240
2D : 17H : 45M left
Silver cigarette case with erotic enamel painting. A German Silver Cigarette Case with Erotic Enamel-Painted Decorations, approx. 1900. Germany, around 1900. Logo Louis Kuppenheim/half moon/crown/900 hallmarked. Signed and dated Fra. Zmurko, 1904. 9.5 x 8 cm. 153 g. Flat case with very finely painte...
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2 silver cigarette cases.2 silver cigarette cases.
Lot 25002 silver cigarette cases.
Price:  € 120
  € 120
2D : 17H : 45M left
2 silver cigarette cases. England, 20. Century. 1x Sheffield/examination/ character of the year letter 1959/ logo hallmarked, 1x ungepunzt, silver tested. 8.5 x 8 cm/11 x 8.5 cm. 251 g. 1 case with rocaille engraving./ 1 case with Guilloche, with gold interior. Signs of usage, 1x with minor dents. F...
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Moscow Cigarette CaseMoscow Cigarette Case
Lot 226Moscow Cigarette Case
Price:  CHF 700
  CHF 700
7D : 17H : 45M left
1908-17. Silver, gilt/enamel. Master's Mark Of Ivan Petrovich Khlebnikov. Rounded rectangle shape with hinges stationery cover. All sides of the pastel-coloured enamel cloisonné-décor, look page: 3 of rider to horse with a river landscape in the Background, framed by ornamentation borders on pu...
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Cigarette casesCigarette cases
Lot 232Cigarette cases
Price:  CHF 3 000
  CHF 3 000
7D : 17H : 45M left
20. Century. 14K Gold. Rounded rectangle shape with hinges stationery cover. On both sides gefeldert, guilloche, ribbed and partly ornamental engraved. The inside is engraved with a dedication. 8,8x7,7 cm, CA. 130 g.- Gedellt.
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Price:  € 300
  € 300
9D : 18H : 15M left
CHINASize: height 9.5 CM
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Beautiful and Stylish

Beyond elegance, antique cigarette cases offer style that exudes class.

They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. For example:

  • There’s the book type;
  • Purse and half shelf type;
  • Flip top, push button etc.

Colors could be silver, black, grey, blues, coffee brown etc.

At auction antique, you can choose from the largest selection of online antiques and find that which gives you the confidence you want.