inkwell antiques

Antique inkwell

Inkwells are truly relics of the past and considering how far we have come, they are rightly regarded as antiques. As old as written words themselves, inkwells are jars or containers that hold ink in a place suitable for easy access when writing.

Usually, the person who is writing could dip his/her brush, quill or pen into an inkwell, and then use them to write.

These inkwells have been used throughout history and they could be made up of different materials including for example:

Antique inkwells portray good craftsmanship and purposeful functionality; they were made to securely keep ink from sipping out of the jar.

Antique Ink Bottle

There are various kinds of antique ink bottles. For example, there were the types that sat on the desk, which were also immovable, and those that sat in holes carved into the desk specifically for the inkwells. Alternatively, there were inkwells that were designed in bottles and could be carried anywhere.

They come in different shapes such as:

  • Cone ink bottle;
  • The hexagonal and octagonal;
  • Barrel shaped ink bottle;
  • Square shaped ink bottle;
  • Cylindrical shaped ink bottles, etc.


Uses of Old Inkwells Today

It is absolutely wrong to think of inkwells as old and past. They are still in contemporary usage for antiquity sake. Movies need them for production, museums vie for them and royalty understand their uniqueness.

That is why, as you are thinking of owning a portrait or antique furniture, you should also consider an old antique inkwell.

Here are some contemporary usages of antique inkwells:

  • You can use them to decorate your desks;
  • You can use them to decorate your shelves;
  • You can use them to collect your pens and pencils.

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