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Antiques prints

Antique prints are ancient sheets and scrolls, which carry maps and directions on them.

The common types of prints in those days contained information including:

  • Ancient wisdom on culture and mostly religion.
  • Raw prints containing maps of ancient cities.
  • Scrolls carrying information about mighty warlocks like Alexander the Great, etc.

The earliest categories of prints were dated as far back as the 15th century, in Babylonian scrolls and royal tour guides.

There are many categories of prints and designs. As antiquities developed and grew, the materials used began to change and transform into from time to time.

Print Antiques

Print antiques have changed since time immemorial. They have metamorphosed for example from:

  • Thick ink lines on wooden cuts that were uncolored. (around the 15 centuries), down to
  • Prints of animals, plants and papers,
  • Later on, copper plate engravings and hand-made coloring were done in the early 19th century.


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