Antique caskets

Antique caskets

An antique casket is a delightful addition to any decorated interior.

Lot 550Teeschatulle
Price:  CHF 160
  CHF 160
0D : 16H : 6M left
German, End Of 18. Century., in the type of x-ray. Rosewood, dyed maple, and Amaranth. Gold-Plated Brass Fittings. Rectangular Body. Hinged lid with folding handle. Show pages with fruit, cover with flower inlaid, partly engraved and blackened. Fitted with 3 tea cans made of white metal and brass, a...
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Teeschatulle, Kanton/China,Teeschatulle, Kanton/China,Teeschatulle, Kanton/China,
Lot 3448Teeschatulle, Kanton/China,
Price:  Without limit price
  Without limit price
2D : 16H : 36M left
Teeschatulle, Kanton/China,15X23X17,5 CM
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Special Kinds of Boxes

We have boxes collection of international and local antique caskets, including for example:

  • caskets of precious stones in varying colors: silver, tortoise shell, porcelain;
  • Ivory lacquered and hardwood antique;
  • Victorian Gothic Casket: both copper mounted veneered wood, silver gilt and cloisonné.

Each of these carries an exquisite detailed craftsmanship and designs. They can be used for different things such as:

  • receptacle for jewels and trinkets and;
  • They can be used for keeping important documents.

At auction antique, we have clients who put in the largest selection of antique caskets and boxes for different occasions.