antiques chess

Antiques chess

Chess is one of the most played and interesting board games; both in times of old and even now. Although it is believed that the rules, names and appearance of the game has changed over time; antiques chess still carry splendor.

Chess Game Figures - Ivory.Chess Game Figures - Ivory.
Lot 135Chess Game Figures - Ivory.
Price:  € 550
  € 550
1D : 22H : 20M left
Chess Game Figures - Ivory. China, in 1870, and in part colored red. Complete. Max. H 15 cm. Ruler pair of finely engraved clothing. Pawn and a knight as the rider figures in different sizes. Tower as an elephant with a Flag. As a Base is always a 'ball in ball'. n CITES regulations &a...
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Leg chess pieces in wooden box.Leg chess pieces in wooden box.
Lot 1056Leg chess pieces in wooden box.
Price:  € 80
  € 80
1D : 22H : 20M left
Leg chess pieces in wooden box. 2. Half of the 19th century. Century turned most of the part colored in red. H a maximum of 9 inches, oak box 9.5 x 13 x 11.5 cm. Full of a chess match, in a box with push lid. Some traces of age and use. FIG.B 39
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Leg Chess Pieces.Leg Chess Pieces.
Lot 1057Leg Chess Pieces.
Price:  € 40
  € 40
1D : 22H : 20M left
Leg Chess Pieces. At the beginning of 20. Century turned most of the part colored in red. H a maximum of 9.5 cm. Full of a chess match. A few traces of age and use. FIG.B 39
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Chess Board Coffee Table.Chess Board Coffee Table.
Lot 2753Chess Board Coffee Table.
Price:  € 90
  € 90
2D : 18H : 20M left
Chess Board Coffee Table. 20. Century, several woods, veneered, H approx 72.5 cm, ø 50 cm. Little chess table with octagonal plate to the arrow support and to pass three feet with paws. Slight traces of age and use. n provenance: from the estate of Prof. Dr. Klaus von Wysocki. FIG.B 392
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VASARELY, VICTOR (1906-1997). Chess game,VASARELY, VICTOR (1906-1997). Chess game,
Lot 1842VASARELY, VICTOR (1906-1997). Chess game,
Price:  € 1 800
  € 1 800
2D : 20H : 20M left
the chess Board: colour silkscreen in Plexiglas-mounted, Hand-signed and num. 169/1500, LxW: approx.; 32 figures, plexiglass cover, H: approx . Minimal Traces Of Age. IN THE CASE OF A SURCHARGE OF ABOUT € 400 4% COPYRIGHT MUST BE TRANSFERRED TO THE VG BILD ART. the chessboard: color serigraphy in P...
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Price:  € 150
  € 150
9D : 18H : 50M left
Size: height 7/14 CM
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What’s so special about antiques chess?

Vintage antique chess carry the ancient history and ancient appearance too. They look unique and make good decorative factors. You can stock your homes with it and show the kids how chess was played centuries before they were born.

We are speaking of very stylish boards with:

  • historical value and;
  • decorative elements.

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