Andrei Khanov. The avant-garde on the fence 1988+30 years

Andrei Khanov. The avant-garde on the fence 1988+30 years
The environmental initiative. Screening of wild flowers and meadow grasses.

Human creativity is also a part of Nature. What exactly? You can only understand it by seeing it. In the dialogue.


1) the Art is different, authentic human being, an abstract world of signs, of symbolic thinking. Man looks at nature through the prism of his thinking. When he has it. But besides human imaginary world there are other, non-human sign systems moles, worms. of flowers and herbs.

Nature does not need the idea of harmony in nature it already is. Harmony looking for a man, he misses her, it's his language. The idea of the exhibition - communication sign systems. Paintings and Herbs, without intermediaries.

2) the Creativity of man is joined of the world signs of his thinking and the everyday ordinary with the imaginary, sometimes its true reality (art).

Everyday routine is just an imaginary us the norm of our creative imagination.

The exhibition took place in the field. This field was abandoned more than 10 years, and nature is recovered. A man in Russia should learn from Nature to restore the true art of institutii. Stop to limit your creative imagination.

3) Exactly 30 years ago, there was an amazing Russian culture event - curators of the ideological Department of the Leningrad branch of the KGB - the institution and limitations of the imagination the norm of everyday corruption - lost artists. Exhibition in 1988 was destroyed, but the relationship with the authorities was forever changed.

This experience was the start of a new ideological system - sverhpredelna. The sun of reason rose.

The situation in the artistic environment of Moscow now is not very different from the Leningrad of the Soviet era, only instead of curators-KGB major artists fakeout the brain - a different kind of volunteers , gallery owners and curators to pursue their own everyday goals.

The art only exists in time "here and now". Here and now - in the open field - meaning (artistic composition) one with the signified (the world of ideas is the source of human thinking, a world of our other genuine existence). In the other (normal) place and at another time (normal) - no. Creativity - not just in overcoming their own rules of imagination.
About the artist
I was born in 1964.12.22 in the Novosibirsk, USSR. Drawing NWabstraction, I try to convey to you my idea about new look at the structure of the types of our thinking. Genuine Being is the vision of all of them at the same time. I clearly see this structure and symbolically draw it. I live in Moscow, Russia and I offer my art projects to museums others countries.
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