“The Tikhanovich E. Painting in the style of avant-garde 1935” 1935

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Location: Byelorussia, Minsk
The Tikhanovich E. Painting in the style of avant-garde, 1935
Artist - Tikhanovich Eugene (1911 - 2005). Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 59x40 see the BSSR, 1935


(Tihonovich, Evgeniy. 1911-2005) is a famous Belarusian painter and graphic artist.

Born in the village Dzhusaly Kzyl-Orda region (Kazakhstan). Graduated from Vitebsk art College (1932, was a student of V. Volkova, F. Vogt, M., Anda, V. Khrustalev).

Participant of art exhibitions since 1932

Member of the Belarusian Union of artists since 1933.

Works are expressive of figurative language and life concreteness of images. A significant place in the works of T. took the themes of the Civil war, transformation of the Belarusian partisan movement in Belarus during the great Patriotic war, the history of the Belarusian culture.

The most significant paintings: thematic paintings, "In slavery" (1944), "the Story of a soldier" (1946), "Moscow's Help to partisans" (1947), "Guerrillas in intelligence" (1948), "Lovers of football" (1952), "Playing doubles" (1954), "lineman" (1956), "Guerrillas in ambush" (1958), "division of land" (1959), "Komsomol brigade" (1960) historical portrait of the song "City of Ordzhonikidze in the exploration of near Borisov" (1936), "Y. Kupala with farmers" and "Yanka Kupala and Z. Betula in the newspaper "Nasha Niva" in 1914" (both 1951, with I. D.), portraits of "the Pilot" (1935), "Commander" (1936), people's artist of the Byelorussian SSR, sculptor A. Glebova (1946), people's artist of the BSSR V. Dove (1968, 1972). Graphic works: "Interrogation of Communist", "the Crossing of the White river", "Prisoners of the white poles" (all 1940), linocuts "Chapaev" (1962), "Decree on land" (1963), etc., portraits of A. Pashkevich (Aunts, 1976), F. Skaryna and F. Bogushevich (1977), Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas (1978), etc., triptych "by C. Mickiewicz in his student years" and figure "Yanka Kupala on holiday in the forest" (1959) etc.

Author of landscapes, illustrations for the book "Chapaev" A. Furmanova (1949), "The pioneer campfire" E. the fire-flower (1950), "Morning of life" in the square bookplates Nikulin, A. Hare, and many others Lived in Minsk.

Artists had sons Henry and Valentine.
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Year of manufacture: 1935

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