Clock and two candlesticks
The period from the End of the XIX century
The style of Louis XVI
Country of origin France
Material Bronze
The height h is 0.6 m
fireplace set in the style of Louis XVI, Napoleon III, II, I floor. XIX century, France.
Set of antique mantel bronze clock and two pairs shesterikova chandelier. Mechanical watch, with original mechanism of the XIX century On the low legs in the shape of animal paws. Body densely covered typical for the classicism decoration - branches and leaves of plants in the Renaissance style. Top watch is crowned with the three-pointed plant composition, placed in a small openwork pedestal. Horns candelabra - shaped, with pronounced curves, is also densely decorated with stylized leaves. The ends are topped with decorative saucer to collect dripping wax and sockets for candles in the form of jugs. Pedestals candelabra - tall, massive, the centre decorated with openwork decoration in the form of petals of a blossoming flower and individual plant parts. The legs of the candelabra, as the clock is low, in the form of animal paws.
The Napoleon III style in the interior, or as it is otherwise called the "second Empire", ruled France from 1852, during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III, along with flourished in the UK in Victorian style. This style, as well as the first Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte, was based on the principles of the Renaissance style, so sometimes it is called "Renaissance revival" or "Renaissance". Distinctive features of the style - the underlined monumentalism, the desire for a Grand, vivid shapes, rich compositions, it is based on features of Greek and Roman styles, the use of antique architectural details in the decor.
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