Watch Style Charle Boulle XX century
Period Beginning of the XX century
Charle Boulle Style
Country of origin Italy; Germany
dimensions 0.41 x 0.2 m; h - 1.91 m

Standing on the floor watch the style of Charles Boulle, the beginning of the twentieth century, Germany.
Mechanical, of graceful forms, of Charles Boulle style clock, made in the twentieth century. Clock movement - Franz Hermle (FHS), Germany. The case is made in Italy, all the decorative floral ornaments and decorations made by the old (andré Charles Boulle, 1642-1732) technology decor production. It was made of several different colors of sheets of plywood, the so - called "marquetry", or decor made of tortoise shell and brass. Sheets of plywood or brass and tortoise shell plates are easily and stick together through all layers with a jigsaw, cut on the selected decorative pattern of the project. Cutting the layers were separated and combined in different ways features.
Watch straight forms, monumental structure that has a pedestal. The Central part is decorated with floral "marquetry" compositions. Over this composition is an ancient drawing of a head, in a frame of acanthus leaves. The pendulum of the clock is covered with glass, the lower part is decorated with a stylized composition bronze cupids. The pendulum clocks with the face of the Gorgon at the bottom. At the top of the clock is decorated with a bronze statue of the goddess Athena Nike. In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory, and Athena and Nike - the Union of two goddesses. Unlike Nike, the goddess Athena Nike depicted without wings, so that the statue could not leave the city of Athens.
XVII - XVIII centuries. Charles Boulle clock in the world at present are estimated at tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, playback (also known as replicas), but not less sought after and valued watches in the style of Charles Boulle in an authentic XVII - XVIII centuries the technology of ornaments in the twentieth century produced only a few watch manufacturers in the world. Thus, the clock is a unique opportunity for you to have in your home that have become classics - "bull".
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