Lamp twentieth century France
The period of the XX century
The Rococo Style
Country of origin France
Material: Glass; Brass
Height - 0.95 m
chandelier, Rococo style, mid-twentieth-century France.
Pendant chandelier of five lamps made in the French Rococo style, luxurious design. Housing chandeliers made of polished brass. Branch is C-shaped, like all lamps, richly decorated with acanthus leaves. Acanthus is a genus of plants native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Mediterranean, used as a decorative element in jewelry. One branch of the lamp is in the center, made from brass, which is decorated with acanthus leaves. At the ends of branches, there is a small frosted glass shades in the shape of flowers pink color, which is decorated with relief ornaments. The lower part of the chandelier is decorated with falami - elements in the form of turrets.
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