Elena Smal. Gerbera and the Nutcracker

Location:Ukraine, Kiev
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Elena Smal. Gerbera and the Nutcracker
This painting is about a woman, her happiness and harmony.
Gerbera is the symbol of the creative, life-affirming, positive energy in our lives, but also a symbol of playfulness, joy and warmth.
DNA – a symbol of spirituality, inherited every.
Butterfly – symbol of soul, immortality, rebirth and resurrection, the ability to transformations, as the Nutcracker, and transformation. And in China – a sign of conjugal happiness! At the same time the butterfly is a symbol of the great Goddess (Magna Mater), at the same time personifying the heaven and the earth, life and death. And legends of the ancient Aztecs, the butterfly is able to convey the human desire heaven!
Everyone has a lucky star! So it was, is and will be – this tells us the endless sky.
PS the Plot came to me while listening to the music for the ballet "the Nutcracker".
About the artist
Живу и работаю в Киеве, Украина.
Что для меня искусство? – Это моя вторая жизнь!
Кто мой учитель? – Природа!
Что меня вдохновляет? – Музыка!
Что я хочу передать миру через мои картины? – Любовь, гармонию, добро, познание Истины, счастье созидания!
Моя любимая картина? – «Пути Познания». Она, кстати, заняла первое место в ХІV International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts Ukrainian Art Week.