Holland. Dutch mirror in the window beginning of the XX century

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Holland. Dutch mirror in the window beginning of the XX century
Antique mirror made of patinated brass nice olive shade and his stylistic direction refers to the aesthetics of Art Deco. This eclectic style has matured after the first world war and developed out of modernism and Neoclassicism. In each country it passed its formation and has acquired the traditional features.

In addition to the luxury and geometrical style was different in functionality and technology and was looking to the future. In the Manifesto of the Italian futurist Marinetti Tomasso proclaimed: "the trunk of a race car smeyatsa exhaust pipe and breathe fire. It roars like a machine gun, and the beauty could not compare with him no Nika Nike of Samothrace". This is reflected in the decorative and applied art and a mirror in the shape of a window became a harmonious part of the interior decoration.
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