France. French mirror in the Empire style of the late XIX century

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France. French mirror in the Empire style of the late XIX century
French mirrors have a unique history that began in the era of Louis XIV. Until the XVII century, the technique of dressing glass owned by Venice and Bohemia. All other countries were forced to import it.
Louis builds Versailles (about 50 years), spends a lot of money (40 billion euros) and Finance Minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert is careful frugality. Colbert also monitoring the industry and trade. He comes up with a policy of mercantilism, which has contributed to the increase in exports and decrease imports. Venetian mirrors (as well as Dutch and Flemish lace fabric), it became impossible to import. Colbert resorts to industrial espionage and the poaching of professionals. And the result – in the hall of mirrors of Versailles entirely French mirror. France becomes a trendsetter.
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