Goldsmith Family Koval. Icon "Lord Almighty" in a precious silver frame

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Goldsmith Family Koval. Icon "Lord Almighty" in a precious silver frame
Icon "Lord Almighty" written in the 19th century. The contents of the icon on the spiritual and theological purpose is before us the Lord Jesus Christ as the Life, the arbiter of peace and Source of Truth. This icon is represented on rare in the present day varieties – the Lord is depicted in simple robes, holding in his left hand a book and the Orb and scepter as symbols of Supreme power. The clouds enveloping the power to evoke a direct Association with our world in the hands of Christ.
The icon is decorated in a modern silver precious Reese. The frame is covered with polychrome enamel jewellery and encrusted with amethysts and chrysoprases. Pads in the shape of a cross symbolize the life-giving Cross, symbolizing the deliverance of mankind from original sin, given by the Saviour at the cost of Their passion. Ornament in the form of vines with bunches of berries extending from the base of the cross and covering the icon symbolizes the blossoming of Life, which we owe to Repoduce Christ. Christ the Vine is one of the symbolic naming of Christ, based on the words of the gospel (Jn.15:1,5)
Ornamental and color palette, I applied the creation of this salary based on a combination of aesthetic techniques of European and Ukrainian modernist style with elements of Ukrainian graphics. Flowing lines and floral ornament, characteristic of European modernity, are combined in this work with some common primitive shapes and silhouettes are for Eastern European and Ukrainian modernism. Complements the overall picture of the widespread use of geometric designs, frequently used Ukrainian graphics of the first third of the XX century.
The icon is in the icon-case made of light poplar.
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