The picture "Funny cats". Louis Eugène Lambert (1825 -1900 ).

The picture "Funny cats". Louis Eugène Lambert (1825 -1900 ).
The picture "Funny cats". Author Louis Eugène Lambert (1825 -1900 ) - "The Cat's Raphael". Category 6 according to Soloviev, p. 729. Canvas/oil. Dimensions : unframed - 46х56 cm, with frame 70х80 see France, XIX century.

Louis Eugène Lambert (1825 -1900 ). A French artist.

Born in Paris, studied under eugène Delacroix and of Paul Delaroche, and many were copied in the Louvre, in particular the Flemish masters. Was on friendly terms with George sand.

Began exhibiting in 1847. Prior to that, from 1845 he worked in the magazine “Journal d'agriculture practigue”, painting Lambert “the cat and the parrot” had a great success at the Salon of 1857. Lambert gained international fame as a master of depicting cats and dogs and even earned the nickname “the Cat's Raphael”. In 1874, the artist was awarded the Legion of honor.
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